Artist Asha Blaine

Artist Asha Blaine
Artist Name
Asha Blaine
Born Date
September 30, 1988
Birth Place
St. Paul, Minnesota

Artist Asha Blaine  Biography

My name is Asha Blaine, and I moved to Denver about 4 years ago from a little town in Nebraska. I was studying to become a vocal music teacher for high school students. Life took a drastic turn and I moved out to Denver and I had to immediately change my life around, so I decided to join a band! I have been gigging the last 4 years in different bands and writing music for the last 2 years with my writing partner Anthony Trujillo, who has been playing in Denver for quite a few years. He writes all of the instrumental music, he sends it to me, and I think of melodies, harmonies, and choruses to write on top of it! It’s pretty easy for a musician these days to create a song without actually being in a rehearsal room debating on how the song should go. I am currently active in 3 different bands, one of them being my original project. I plan on dropping the album late spring/early summer, and playing it out in Denver this summer. This will be my first album that I’ve ever written and I plan on writing more! It’s very exciting to start and finish a project that you created!

Links to Where Your Music Can be Purchased:
iTunes – “Deep Inside the Ocean”-Asha