Artist Jeshika Jaynes

Artist Jeshika Jaynes
Artist Name
Jeshika Jaynes
Born Date
September 3, 2005
Birth Place
Year activate

Artist Jeshika Jaynes  Biography

I have been performing since I was eight years old, I have performed at loads of charity events, it makes me feel good inside that I can help others and raise money.

I played at the O2 in Newcastle Up On Tyne when I was 13 and I absolutely loved it, it’s the best feeling in the world seeing people having fun and it is you that is making that happen.

I am a perfectionist every thing has to be in place my set well rehearsed, same with my song writing and producing it can take me up to a year before I will release any music as I am never happy with it. I can never listen to my self on the radio or any streaming platforms, if I walk in any where and I here any of my songs playing I walk out feeling embarrassed.

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