Artist Name
Born Date
September 3, 1989
Birth Place
Dallas, Texas
Year activate

DICEx3  Biography

My name is Candice Cowin
Independent head strong woman. I have always liked to write lyrics. This year I had started to take them and add them to beats and still freshly new. I am highly determined. I critique myself to push to become my best. I have always had a heart for music and relation to it for my life through all phases of emotions. I had been going through a down phase of life and started to write a lot and took my lyrics and started to add them to beats making music. Found out I have an act for it and it has been a way to voice and take my negative energy into something progressive. I have been stuck on it ever since. I have always been a rap and hip-hop girl. It’s my soul. I like poetic and I can relate to real emotions directed in lyrics and music. My heart is attached to it. It’s my way to cope and my spirit is driven towards the music. I have a knack for words and always have been a talker. It’s a movement I have always dreamed of. Building my self confidence and soul searching I have found bravery. Music has helped direct me and help me through the worst phases of down times. It is a true inspiration. I have started to do some freestyles practicing. I also have been critiquing my work trying to find where to make things better and the groove in with the lyrics and beats. Hope you like them. Always looking forward to everyone hearing my song. Always like to have a voice from masters in the music field. I like to get tips and constructive criticism as well. Anything to help build growth I like. I started using RapChat that’s what got me started.

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