Dimestore Prophets

Dimestore Prophets
Artist Name
Dimestore Prophets
Born Date
September 9, 1986
Birth Place
Yakima, WA
Year activate

Dimestore Prophets  Biography

Dimestore Prophets is a three piece groove/rock/reggae band that is based in central Washington. DSP brings “Feel Good Music”to the Pacific Northwest playing extensively since 2010.
They bring a nice blend of originals powered by tasteful melodies, solid rhythms, and smooth grooves. The poignant narrative displayed through the stylish vocals presented by Ray Glover, mixed with the soul moving foundation laid down by Eric Groff and John Wilson, brings to the listener a heart warming and emotional universal connection. No matter the age or walk of life. So relax and enjoy some Dimestore Prophets!

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