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November 10, 1988
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ZHänrę  Biography

ZHänrę, pronounced Genre, is a born and raised Nashville, TN Recording artist. He first experienced his love for music by being brought up in a the Baptist church. Listening to the sounds of Ricky Dillard. He began studying gospel music as well as classic and quickly became involved in the choir. Switching over to the secular side, he has not been defined by a set particular genre or music. ZHänrę prides himself on the basis of not conforming to the world and what others think he should sound like and produce in the music industry. His hit singles, “Compass,” and “Everything I Have,” delivers a sound and aesthetic that any lover of music could appreciate. He began his music career in 2016 after years of self preparation and studying the craft of music and is now leading the way in “Indie/Vibe/Mood” music.

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