Anthony Wexler

Anthony Wexler
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Anthony Wexler
Born Date
August 17, 1990
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Anthony Wexler  Biography

What’s up guys my name is Anthony Wexler
I’m a singer songwriter from Philadelphia
I like to tell stories and write catchy songs.
I’m a dreamer, I’m crazy, I’m definitely not the normal type. I can be very emotional at times. I tend to see and feel things at a very deep extent sometimes way deeper then they really are which helps the feels become music.

Have you always been interested in music? What is your story and how did you start making music?
YES!!! I loved music from a very little age.
When I was about 12 years old I broke my leg in the summer. Couldn’t do much with that goin on lol… so my dad started teaching me guitar. I fell in love. I started writing a couple years later… from 15 to now I’m a writer. I made a decision a year or so ago.. that whether I’m livin in a mansion or on the streets…, I will always be a songwriter. That’s the route for me.

What are you working on now? Any future releases we can look forward to?
ABSOLUTELY!!! at the moment I’m working on a lot of original songs. Problem is there’s so many songs with not enough money lol.
I’m also working on putting a band together
With some incredible talent. I’m very excited to have a full band backing my music. They’re also great friends of mine.
My philly homies ❤️

What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry?
I WANT IT ALL!!! But what is getting all to me? Well…. I definitely want to get signed to a major label. I wanna be famous, I wanna play big shows, and I wanna go into a random supermarket someday where I’m stopped by a random person and they’re like… No way your Anthony Wexler? Your song got me through this uncertain time in my life or whatever ya know? I guess that sums it up lol

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge In Your Career Thus Far?
Uncertainty. I would say the downs that come with it all. The mystery of my mind tellin me every once in a while…. what if this doesn’t work out? And then all the new methods of thought to help me accept that possibility without breaking down and giving up.

How do you go about writing a song? Do you have a melody in your head and then write the other music for it or what’s Your typical songwriting process?
It usually starts with a melody…which can honestly come from anything… other times it’s a circumstance.. I love creative thought.
I try to open my mind at all times. I love the empty canvas mindset. Even though things aren’t always gonna go that way.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?
To be honest. There’s a lot to be said about that, and I’m not very educated on the matter . I’d much rather just play music and hope for the best. Control to me is really just an illusion anyway. No matter what the internet does good or bad, the only thing I can really do at the end of the day is just write songs and chill wit my homies.

List some famous musicians currently on your playlist
Lol my Spotify playlist is over 80 hours long.
There’s a lot of artists from all different genres and styles and some stuff I put on there just because someone I was hangin wit at the time told me to play it and now it’s there lol. There’s no way to describe it really if I’m into you… you’ll know.

What Did You Do Before You Started Making Music?
Well I started at around 15… so idk…. maybe stocking shelves at a dollar store? Lol… I had a ton of dead end jobs my whole life. I’m actually a mommas boy tbh. I still live at home. I know that doesn’t sound attractive but I’d rather be honest than impressive.
But no matter what I was doin to pay my car insurance or whatever thing else I did… that doesn’t really matter… all that matters is the music.

Would you have any advice for young people wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Yes…. just like anything… make sure you truly love it… I’ve had plenty of opportunities to take on a better career where I can buy my own place and be all cool and stuff but i didn’t cuz it would’ve taken away the music.
You can always make money but you can’t always make time.

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?
An old producer friend once told me that you can’t have the good without the bad..
So I wouldn’t change anything. I prefer to be a character in this play we call life rather than the director. It’s a bit easier.

How do you feel about originality?
Well I think originality is everything.
Take a look around this beautiful world and how god designed it. Take a look in the mirror….. you were designed beautifully.
Art is everywhere and it’s in every thing we see. And one of the most amazing things about it, I think is that…. I don’t see what you do… I don’t think as you do.. so when it’s time to tell your story… it won’t be about all this skill stuff.. just your vision. Which we all have .

Is there anything else we should know about you? or Something that you would like to add?
I play a lot of madden. I love to read books.
I have two brothers, a nephew and mom.
Dad passed away in 2015. I like to dress up.
I’m a Leo. My favorite show of all time is boy meets world…. but I do watch reruns of Lizzie McGuire sometimes too…. cuz that shows awesome. Back in the day I was heavy in the Emo scene. I used to collect soap when I was a kid… thinkin about starting that up again…. maybe idk.

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